The Summer Dresses

Pork roll is from NJ, so are The Summer Dresses, a power trio with their foot planted firmly to the left of the dial.  Birthed in the summer of 2010, the band is composed of members of some of New Brunswick, NJ’s gnarliest acts –Vehm, Human Adult Band, Kahdena and Bog Body.  JP Roy plays the drum kit, Jim Schmidt plays the guitar, and T Penn plays the bass.  They enjoy bad vibes and like playing loud.  The Summer Dresses don’t care about your chords.  They play their way.  When it clicks, it clicks.  When it doesn’t click, it clicks.  Sometimes when it clicks, it’s just a bad amp.  They beat a dead horse until it is brought back to life, then set free in a lovely green pasture where picnics are held with refreshments and revelry – the warm weather is upon us.  Put on your summer dresses.