Trinitron / CloudCloud

Collaboration between Trinitron and Cloud Cloud

Working with a contemporary yet abstract palate, Trinitron weaves tangible melodies and subtle textures through the use of processed electric guitar. Trinitron uses guitar to create a shimmering, looping soundscape reminiscent of film scores or the ambient soundtrack to dreams. Trinitron has released two audio demonstrations to date. The first was entitled “Ellipse.” In 2009, he self-released another composition, “Hannah in Rhone,” which is a live recording accompanied by the percussion of sonic veteran Ernest Intorella. Trinitron is the music and mind of local artist Mark Weinberg. In addition to promoting local artist events, Mr. Weinberg also performs in the post-punk outfit Risk Relay and was a member of the short-lived yet beloved band Beautiful Bear (Osa Bella). Recently, he was a member of the powerful indie-rock group, Walking With Cavemen. “A Quiet Echo,” a new recording, was released in February 2011. This is the sound of overflowing thoughts distilled. In a world of chaos, Trinitron seeks the quiet center.
Cloud Cloud is an electronic and experimental music project driven by composer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Durek. From a chip-tunes beginning in 2009, Cloud Cloud became an electro/experimental chamber ensemble, and finally meshed into it’s current form: A saucy blend of pulsitile, structured, yet free electronic music making use of synths, theremins, and sampled sounds recorded from Durek’s everyday life.  Durek has performed in six different countries with PAS(Post Abortion Stress), drives a group called the SK Orchestra, co-organizes the Omega Sound Fix festival, and has appeared on over a dozen albums. He was awarded a competitive emergency grant by the Foundation for Contemporary Art in 2010.