Tone Liv & DJ Priority

tone liv

In the over-saturated hip hop realm of throwback gimmicks and bleak failures glossed and packaged as “creative and groundbreaking”, it has become difficult for many of today’s emcees to pull themselves above the throng and deliver anthems that convey street authenticity as well as creative evolution. Tone Liv, a.k.a Da Mayor, manages to crawl his way out of the malaise of this wasteland of clichés and deliver on both fronts in a way that captivates without alienating; despite the fact that Tone may very well be from another planet. Or maybe just New Jersey. In a state that has spawned such historic rap powerhouses as Redman, Rah Digga, and the Artifacts; Tone is determined to forge his own place in this legacy simply by being himself and commanding acknowledgment. Subjecting his formative years to such insanely brilliant emcees as Ghostface Killah, MF Doom, and Freddie Foxx, Tone administers doses of lethal street venom with enough abstract adjectives to mash his way across the disjointed spectrum of “genres” and bludgeon the listener in the barrage, while bearing a vocal tone similar to Chief Kamachi.

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