We Are Fauna

fauna band

We are Fauna could be described as an avant pop, post punk, or indie math rock band. Their compositions explore texture, color, and rhythmic arrangements, as well as lyrical and melodic styling.

The band is based in Philadelphia, but has long standing roots in the hardcore/ punk basement community of New Brunswick, New Jersey. It’s influences, however, are more far reaching than that. While bands like Fugazi and Sonic Youth may come to mind as influences, echoes of more contemporary artists such as Dirty Projectors can be heard. The Chicago music scene also has a special place in their hearts (Owls, Joan of Arc, Make Believe). Deeper listening reveals inspiration from John Coltrane, MIles Davis, Television, Philip Glass, and Motown.  

We are Fauna started as a duo with Rob Emanuele (guitars, vocals), and Scott Zelley (drums), but soon grew to include Josh Kodroff (bass) and brothers Cassidy (lead guitar) and Edward Joseph McGrath (multi-instrumental).  The band debuted on New Year’s Day 2012 and recorded their debut album “Resonance” in September 2013, available on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp.


Fauna cover